Barefoot's Money Movement

This country needs a financial revolution and it needs to start with our kids.

Help Kick Out the Banks!

Our schools should be a place for learning — not for big banks to push financial products on kids.

Banking programs in schools are under review right now, and until the 31st of October, it’s YOUR chance to have your say!

The banking regulator ASIC has just released a paper inviting parents and teachers to give their opinions on school banking.

We’ve set up a 2-minute survey you can use to answer ASIC’s questions. We’ll send all the responses as part of a group Barefoot Investor submission to ASIC. 

Don’t miss this chance to help kick the banks out of our kids’ schools — click the button below to add your voice. 

Have Your Say Now!

Australia’s financial education system is broken

Kids spend 2,400 days in school … yet not one of them is dedicated to learning the PRACTICAL money skills they’ll be tested on each day of their lives.  

Most of us had to learn these skills the hard way, because we were never taught them in school.  

Our kids deserve better.  

So, after writing one of the bestselling books in Australian history … let me introduce you to my next project:

The Money Movement 

Teach the kids. Help the parents. Change the nation.

I’m launching a movement to kick the banks out of our schools … and get independent financial education in.  

My goal is that by teaching our kids, we help their parents too. And when we help the parents, we change the nation.

So to do that, I’ve created a brand-new school money education program for kids of all ages, based on my books.  

It’s totally practical for the kids. It’s ‘plug and play’ for the teachers. And it’s mapped to the curriculum.  

Oh, and it’s free, independent (no Dollarmites in sight), and totally not-for-profit. 

Join The Movement! 

My long-term goal is to roll this program out to every school in Australia.  

Yet to prove it works — and to make it even better — I’m going to pilot my classes in a small number of primary schools and high schools this year. This is a really big deal for me, so I’m going to work closely with each school I select.  

I’ve got ten spots available: 5 primary, and 5 secondary schools.  

If you’re selected, you’ll participate in a very hands on pilot program with me and my team, kicking off in Term 3. 

And, over the next few months I’ll be visiting schools across the country, watching this grassroots movement take off!  

To apply for the program — or just to register your interest in the movement — click ‘Join The Movement’ below.

Applications for the pilot program are now closed but you can still register your interest via the button below.


Know a passionate teacher? 

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